Communication technology is constantly evolving. MKJ is a full-service firm that engineers, integrates, and maintains custom, state of the art systems that seamlessly keep your customers safe, connected, on the go, and on time. 

MKJ’s custom communication systems ensure the safe and efficient operation of the nation’s most complex public transportation hubs. Here are just a few of our past projects.


The 42nd St. shuttle at Times Square is part of the original subway system that opened in 1904, so it was time for a facelift.

Rutgers Tube Rehabilitation

The Rutgers tube rehab was the first to utilize the fast-track design-build approach, and MKJ Communications was thrilled to be a part of it.

World Trade Center Police Command Center

MKJ has had the honor of working on many incredible projects for NYC agencies, and this project at the World Trade Center tops our list.

ESI Subway Enhancement

In this first-ever design + build initiative for the NYCTA, MKJ served as the system integrator on all of the stations completed.

LaGuardia Airport

If you haven’t heard, we just wrapped up one of our most exciting projects – a first of its kind communication system at LaGuardia Airport.

Second Avenue Subway

MKJ completed the integration of track, signal, traction, power, and communications systems in the Second Avenue Subway.

4 Stations Astoria

MKJ made upgrades in the public address system and telecommunication, including telephone terminal equipment, telephones, and CCTV.

Highline Park

MKJ was hired by the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation to integrate a state of the art security system to keep visitors safe.

Weill Cornell Medical College

MKJ Communications was hired by Weill Cornell Medical College to integrate video-conferencing upgrades within numerous conference rooms and offices.

Far Rockaway Line

MKJ was chosen to oversee the rehabilitation of five stations with audio and visual communications systems.

Amtrak Penn Station

MKJ completed an entire PA-CIS system upgrade with current computer system technology, and an upgraded loudspeaker system.

Fulton Transit Center

MKJ reconstructed the mezzanine for the A/C subway lines and vertical circulation for the J/M/Z subway lines, installing various systems as well.