World Trade Center Police Command Center

MKJ has had the honor of working on many incredible projects for NYC agencies and the latest is at the top of our list – the design and construction of the Port Authority Police Department command and property management facility in the World Trade Center. 

What makes this project stand out? The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey is responsible for protecting not only our transit vehicles and stations, but also the millions of commuters and visitors who travel along our lines and use our services. No small feat.

With this design + build initiative for the PAPD, the MKJ Team could not have been more excited to take on the task. Working in tandem – designing and implementing in real-time with our partners, Securitas, TC Electric, and MLJ Contracting, we recently completed Phase 1. 

And thanks to the years of combined experience from all of our partners, this project was finished on time, despite all of the challenges thrown at it by COVID-19.

Overall, the project consisted of the design and construction of the 65,000 square-foot PAPD and PMF facilities in a highly constrained area in the West Bathtub of the World Trade Center site, with an additional two locations – The Police Desk, located at Tower 2 Level C2 and a 1,500 square-foot office space located at the SW corner of Oculus elevation 260’-0” denominated PAPD “HUB 2”. 

For this project, MKJ was responsible for the integration of the following systems:

  • Public address (PA) system
  • Radio
  • Surveillance CCTV / intercom system
  • The overall expansion of WTC current systems 

According to Besmir Ameti, Senior Project Manager at MKJ, “Taking their current system, figuring out how it worked, and then upgrading and integrating 20th century technology with limited options was challenging, especially since this project was categorized as “confidential privileged,” and required the design-build team to comply with security protocols specific for the WTC.”

Jose Moreno, Senior Project Manager added, “It was really amazing to work with our job partners to solve design and construction issues, even with the obstacles thrown at us due to the pandemic. It truly is a testament to the entire team and the amount of effort and teamwork that was required to complete Phase 1 to help support the PAPD.”

Interested in learning more about this project? We can talk you through each and every step of the design and build phase, or better yet, meet us at the site or at our brand new office where we can walk you through our state of the art fabrication warehouse and you can see our products up close.  Contact John Massaro, our vice president of engineering and operations, at

*Due to the high level of security in this area, job site photos can’t be shared.